Top Entry Level Certifications for New Computer Professionals 2017 Edition

You’ve invested the time and learned the skills.

But you don’t have much experience— if any.

What you need is proof that you know what you know. In the computer industry that proof often comes in the way of certifications. If you’re looking to get into industry, but just completed training, certifications can give you the additional credibility you require. For a newbie, certifications can provide an advantage over the competition so you’ll land the job you’ve dreamed of.

Here’s our 2017 list of Top Certifications for Computer Professionals:

  • Certified Ethical Hacker: A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH for short) is someone who knows how to locate vulnerabilities in software and network systems. With an increasing focus on network and system security in wake of the 2016 US Presidential election, CEH’s will find themselves in-demand for the foreseeable future. This certification requires a single exam. For more information on the Certified Ethical Hacker program you may visit
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate: A CCNA will find themselves installing and configuring basic networks, as well as configuring switches and routers. This is an entry-level networking certification that requires a single 90 minute written exam. CCNA’s often work under the titles “network engineer or “network administrator.” CCNA’s may specialize in network/wireless or voice networks. For more information about becoming a CCNA:
  • A+ Technician: If you’re interest is in the hardware sector of the computer industry CompTia’s A+ Technician certification may be a great place to start. This certification is directed to line-level computer technicians who generally work directly with end users to repair and maintain computer systems. A+ Technicians may do everything from upgrades to building desktop computer systems from scratch. This is a great entry level certification that also requires a single exam. For more information about the A+ Technician program from CompTia:
  • Microsoft Technology Associate (Developer): A Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) specializes in using the Microsoft suite of technologies to create applications that run on Windows based devices. To become an MTA you must pass Microsoft Exam 98-361. MTA’s have fundamental understanding of Microsoft Visual Studio and the C# programming language. This certification is designed to lead to more advanced developer certifications such as the Microsoft Certified Systems Developer (MCSD). For more information on the MTA Certifiecation you can visit:
  • Project Management Professional: In enterprise organizations projects may be so vast and complex that individual timelines and roles of team members may be managed by a designated project manager. Often these project managers have the Project Management Professional certification (PMP). While PMP’s are generalists who can work industries as varied as construction and hospitality, they highest concentration is in software development and deployment. If you are highly organize and interested in the administrative side of enterprise development the PMP may be for you:
  • Certified Web Development Professional: This is LearnToProgram’s own certification program. This program is actually broken into three smaller certifications (known as designations):
    • HTML5 Specialist
    • Javascript Specialist
    • PHP Specialist

    This is an extensive program that requires completion of three courses and passing three related online exams. The Certified Web Development Professional program represents a job-readiness in the world of web development. Designed to give front-end and back-end experience, those with the CWDP certification are ready to create or manage web sites and web content.

The Certified Web Development Professional program is unique in that there are no entry requirements besides being able to use a computer and navigate the internet. Individuals have successfully completed this program without ever having written a single line of code before starting. For more information on the CWDP program visit


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