10 Best LearnToProgram Blog Posts

Did you know the LearnToProgram blog has been around for over three years? Today we’re taking a trip down memory lane to highlight some of the best posts we’ve written over the years.

This compilation of the top 10 best LearnToProgram blog posts includes some of our favorite lighthearted posts as well as our most informative resources.

Let’s get started!

Javascript Game Tutorial
unnamed (3)

This fun tutorial teaches valuable game development skills in Javascript. It guides you through the development of a simple game in which you shoot bats to earn points.

You can have fun and learn Javascript at the same time. What’s not to love?

Most Important Tech Skills Needed for a Job in 2016

We wrote this post nearly two years ago, and the skills that we predicted would be relevant in the 2016 development world were spot on. It goes to show the durability of tech skills as well as the importance of other employable skills (like handling information and simplifying tasks) even in a rapidly evolving market.

Hello World in Eight Languages

This useful reference demonstrates how to write the classic Hello World program in eight programming languages. For something so simple, it is a handy resource for times when you blank on the syntax of a language.

5 Easy Ways to Debug Code

Debugging code can be one of the most aggravating tasks when it comes to computer programming. This post goes over five easy steps you can take to make sure your code will run smoothly.

Using the strategies in this post will keep you on top of your work. Plus, it prevents you from having to do a bulk debugging session when you finish writing your code and it doesn’t run!

Cheat Sheets
Cheat-Sheets_BlogPreview (2)

Cheat sheets for your favorite programming languages: HTML, Swift, Javascript, and CSS. All the most useful information is compiled in a pdf file for each language that you can use as a handy reference whenever you’re working on a project.

These cheat sheets were Christmas gifts to our learners a few years ago.

Top 10 HTML5 Interview Questions

Our HTML5 interview questions resource is a well researched list of the 10 most common questions about HTML5 that are asked in web development interviews. It emphasizes HTML5’s new features compared to past versions.

In the post we also list comprehensive answers to each question. With the knowledge from this post you’ll be able to nail your web development interview.

Getting Found: The Developer’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an important feature of web development. This post goes over the most important search engine optimization techniques and strategies that will improve the visibility of your website.

Best Text Editors for Development 2016

unnamed (4)

The text editor you use to write your code is an important choice. This post outlines the best text editors for development in 2016 and their unique advantages. Since its original posting, it has also been converted into a brief slideshow at the beginning of the post.

Wendy’s Motivational Playlist

This is one of our favorite non serious posts on the LearnToProgram blog. Wendy is LearnToProgram’s office manager who happens to have a fantastic taste in music. In this post she talks about her favorite artists and presents a curated playlist of her favorite music.

How to Create a Firework Graphic in Photoshop Tutorial

29 (1)

This quick tutorial helps you create your own firework graphic in Photoshop. It’s the perfect way to end our top 10 list of the best LearnToProgram blog posts. We’re celebrating more than three years of fantastic blog content!

Do you have any favorite LearnToProgram blog posts that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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