Six Steps To Your First Job in Development (Webinar)

Your First Job in Software Development Webinar

If you’re new to the world of software development, the path to your first job in the field may seem difficult to navigate. In this webinar founder Mark Lassoff will guide you through a simple six step process for become a software developer.

Step #1: Determine Where You Are

Step #2: Fill in Education Gaps with Highly Targeted, Specific Training

Step #3: Earn Relevant Certifications and Accreditation

Step #4: Complete Projects

Step #5: Build a Portfolio Highlighting Your Strengths and Knowledge

Step #6: Find a Job


    • Hi Tom:

      It depends on the job you are applying for– It’s certainly better for it to be interactive than it not to be. You want the portfolio to contain the actual projects, not pictures of actual projects.

      In our boot camp program we create a Github portfolio for code and a web portfolio for showing content.

      Hope this helps.

  1. Hey Mark, great webinar! You mentioned that you had some examples of projects that are good for beginners to add to their portfolios. Are those examples available somewhere? Thanks!

  2. Hi Mark,

    Can you please help me with some example of projects for beginners, I am trying to gather some projects as I am a bit new to web development.



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