Google Places and Google Maps Tutorial: Step by Step for Beginners

In the last ten years the mobile era has increased the importance of geolocation based and mapping apps. The Google Maps API and the Google Places APIs have come to represent the gold standard in geolocation information and mapping. In this combined Google Places and Google Maps Tutorial, authored by LearnToProgram’s Andrew Snyder-Spak, you’ll build a complete app.

The Coffee Shop Locator application is built on HTML5, Javascript and the Google API’s. You’ll need to obtain a key from Google to secure your app and receive permission to utilize the APIs. You’ll need your Google sign in to do this.

Part One

Andrew demonstrates obtaining your key from Google. Note that this process may have changed slightly since this video was recorded. You’ll need to visit the Google API Key Manager to obtain your key.

Part Two

In this segment you’ll actually start building your application. You’ll start by connecting to the API, creating your basic document structure and, finally, placing your map within the HTML structure.

Part Three

You’ll build “the meat” of your application here. You’ll learn how to work with the Google Places API and drop and annotate pins on the map.

Part Four

In this video you’ll complete the Google Maps Tutorial

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