Developer Salary Trends: 2018

So you want to begin a career in professional development because you’ve heard of the high earning potential? In this article, we are going to highlight one of the most important aspects of any job: The pay. Use this article as a handy guide to help you start your career as a software developer and understand developer salary trends..

Current State Of Developer Salaries in the United States

In The United States, as of this writing, there are currently 223,054 job openings for software developers with an average salary of $104,425. These salaries are expected to grow at rate of 2.8% in 2017. The salary for software developers is higher because of a lack of qualified professionals.

Four Most In-Demand Developer Jobs

There is a shortage of qualified software developers that is growing larger every year. The number of developer jobs is expected to increase by 17% over the next seven years. This section will give you a crash course on what fields of development have the most job openings and opportunities.

1. Cloud Engineer: If you’re the kind of person who wants to be in a fast paced and growing field of development then this is the career for you. Some essential languages you will need to know include Java, Python and Ruby. Becoming a Cloud Engineer requires skills in analysis and organization to properly maintain complicated datasets. Once you have your language certifications you will be qualified for one of the 1,533,742 job vacancies currently in cloud computing.
Median Salary: $72,043

2. Mobile Developer: When considering becoming a Mobile Developer it’s important to keep in mind the types of platforms you will be working on. Mobile developers will often be working on apps that have to work on IOS and Google Play platforms.
Median Salary:$71,945

3. Database Administrator (DBA): Database Administration is one of the premier emerging fields for developers. As a Database Administrator you can expect to secure organizational data, manage databases, and identify user needs. Now is the time to start working in this field as the amount of data globally that needs to be managed is expected to grow tenfold by 2020 which will create a field that has plenty of positions to fill. Acquiring a job in this field requires certifications in mySQL and Oracle Database Administration.
Median Salary:$71,429

4. Web Developer: Web Development is one of the most popular paths for individuals who enjoy creating fresh and new user experiences. Developing for the web allows you to create interactive, engaging and aesthetically pleasing pages for users to view. LearnToProgram’s own Web Development Professional certification program is excellent training for this path.
Median Salary:$57,502

Three Important Languages to Learn

Possessing certifications in several popular programming languages will help your job search.

1. SQL: Having certifications in SQL qualifies you for positions in database administration and engineering. Using SQL you will be able to retrieve large amounts of data rapidly from a database to develop reports. These reports are used to understand hypothetical questions using historical data. Database jobs are in demand because of a vacancy of qualified professionals and a steeper learning curve of SQL.

2. Javascript: Javascript is an essential Language for creating interactive objects on a website that improves user experience.There’s a gap in user expectations of content and the actual presentation of that content on the web page. Javascript developers are important now that interactive pages are crucial design elements.

3. Python: Python is a strong language that serves as the basic foundation of programming knowledge for many. Python allows for you to reduce the time you spend writing code because of the simplicity of the language. If you decide to learn Python you could be earning $102,741 annually with your in-demand knowledge.

The US Versus the World: Developer Salary Trends

Best places to work in the United States: California, Washington D.C.

California is a great place to work for a big well established tech company that tend offer flexible benefits. Because companies in this region have a higher demand for knowledgeable developers the average salary tends to be higher. For example, the entry level salary for a developer at twitter at this time is $133,000 annually.

Working in the Washington D.C. area is a great opportunity if you have ever been interested in cybersecurity. The average salary for cybersecurity experts in Washington D.C. is $114,951 annually. You have a great chance to gain from recent breaches in cybersecurity due to a lack of knowledgeable professionals. In order to fill these positions the government has budgeted $173.5 billion dollars for cybersecurity and intelligence for 2017.

Best Places to Work Outside the US: Switzerland, Norway, Denmark

Becoming a developer in Europe is less profitable than becoming one in the United States but it can be worth it to relocate for several reasons. Finding a job internationally is a good way to move to another country while still having some stability. The best places to move to include Switzerland, Norway and Denmark because of their above average pay for entry level developers than in the United States.

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