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55 HTML Tips

June 7, 2016 Kevin Hernandez 0

1. Creating an Unordered List Unordered list are great when you have some data that you would like to display in a list type format, but in no particular order. […]

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Understanding REST

November 20, 2015 Kevin Hernandez 0

Overview REST is a buzzword that confuses many people. Even after my initial experiences using RESTful APIs, I still couldn’t adequately define or explain exactly what REST is. Unfortunately, the […]

Result of Programming a Slide Show

Programming a Slide Show

April 23, 2014 Kevin Hernandez 1

One of the most frequent requests we get at LearnToProgram is to explain how to make a slideshow using HTML and Javascript. Programming a slideshow is fairly straightforward. In this […]

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Playing Video Using HTML5

April 10, 2014 Kevin Hernandez 0

In this latest episode of Quickbytes, follow along with Mark Lassoff and create your first video player using the simplicity of HTML5. Mark will also discuss compatibility and supported video […]

HTML for WordPress

March 27, 2014 Mark Lassoff 0

If you’re new to HTML development, WordPress is a great environment to start applying your HTML skills. In this article we’ll take a closer look at how to use HTML […]