5 Tips for Becoming a Better Programmer

These 5 tips for becoming a better programmer will help you optimize your skill set and write better code!

Tip 1: Know your basics. You need to understand basic programming structures and have a solid foundation in order to be successful. Make sure your code is visually neat. If you come back to well organized code after a couple of months, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off.

Tip 2: Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hour to master a skill. You have to practice programming to become better at it. Join an open source project, or find online contests and use those to practice your craft.

Tip 3: Be amenable to change. There will always be something new to learn as a programmer. This will help prevent projects you’re working on from become outdated.

Tip 4: Read! The more you read the more you learn. Read documentation, articles, research and other peoples code. You’ll pick up useful tips.

Tip 5: Help others: Answer questions from peers in groups or forums. The process of helping others will help you answer your own questions.

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