What Programming Language Should I Learn First? 2017 Edition

What Programming Langauge Should I Learn First?

From the casually curious, to the seriously motivated, “What Programming Language Should I Learn First?” is the most common question I get. For years I gave a nuanced answer. “Well, that depends on what you want to do…” That answer … Continue reading

Dreamweaver versus Notepad [Text Editors]: The Web Dev Show Episode 1

Today we launch our new show “The Web Dev Show.” The weekly program, hosted by LearnToProgram Media content developer Andrew Snyder-Spak, will provide a discussion of different important aspects of web development. This week’s show discusses a topic that many … Continue reading

Object Oriented Design: A Primer

Introduction to Object Oriented Design I remember when I first transitioned from traditional Procedural Programming to Object Oriented Programming (which may be abbreviated as OOP), the general idea of it seemed to be a bit odd. After all, a computer … Continue reading

​Top Seven Programming Languages to Learn for 2018

It’s no mystery that in 2018 we’ll still use a variety of programming languages. But, it’s harder to determine which languages will be the most important. Learning the right languages now will future-proof your career!  In order, here are our top seven programming languages for … Continue reading

Programming Paradigms Infographic

Four major programming paradigms exist that have evolved over the years, each one with specific advantages and disadvantages. Some languages are designed to support one paradigm, while others can support many. Each one of these paradigms have their own features … Continue reading

Learning Programming: College Courses vs. Online Courses

Learning Programming: College vs. Online Courses Infographic

Learning Programming: College Courses vs. Online Courses How do traditional college courses compare to online courses from companies like LearnToProgram?  In this infographic we’ve laid out a few key points that you might consider while choosing between college learning and … Continue reading