CSS Buttons Infographic

↓ Download a Copy of the Infographic ↓   CSS Buttons – Cheat Sheet So you wanna add a button to your web project?  Here’s a little cheat sheet to help you remember all the wonderful ways you can stylize … Continue reading

Programming Paradigms Infographic

Four major programming paradigms exist that have evolved over the years, each one with specific advantages and disadvantages. Some languages are designed to support one paradigm, while others can support many. Each one of these paradigms have their own features … Continue reading

Learning Programming: College Courses vs. Online Courses

Learning Programming: College vs. Online Courses Infographic

Learning Programming: College Courses vs. Online Courses How do traditional college courses compare to online courses from companies like LearnToProgram?  In this infographic we’ve laid out a few key points that you might consider while choosing between college learning and … Continue reading

Women in Code Infographic

Believe it or not women played a big role in how we look at code today.  This infographic points out a few key players that helped shape coding as we know it, as well as a few influential female programmers in … Continue reading