Learn App Development by Developing Apps: New LearnToProgram eBook Series

Wack--Mole eBook available from LearnToProgram.
Wack--Mole eBook available from LearnToProgram.

Learn App Development by Doing

Learn App Development: Wack--Mole eBook available from LearnToProgram.
Wack-A-Mole eBook available from LearnToProgram.
If you’re trying to learn app development for web or mobile, then I’d like to introduce you to our new LearnToProgram eBook series.

The App Development Guide series from LearnToProgram Media is designed to provide you with guides to creating interesting apps. The app development guides provide all of the code, assets, and other materials you will need to create complete applications. Some apps in this series are designed to work within a web browser—others are designed to be deployed to mobile devices—either as a native iOS or Android App or as a HTML5 based app that works on both platforms.

I think that, naturally, the best way to learn app development is to actually build apps. Our goal is not to provide an exhaustive explanation for every tag, method and property we use in building the apps. In this series, it is our hope that the guides will provide context to integrate what you’ve learned previously, and, perhaps, set you up for future learning.

The first book in the series, App Development Guide: Wack-a-Mole will take you through the process of creating a full Wack-a-Mole game using HTML5, Javascript and CSS. It’s a great way to learn app development– Simply follow the steps in the text and you’ll create the game. All of the game assets and a copy of the code are available via convenient download.

Here’s the table of contents for the first book:

Table of Contents
Playing the Game
Assets – Images, Animations, and Sounds
The Container – index.html and mole.css
CreateJS – createjs.js
Helper Files – constants.js, display.js, and globals.js
The Game Logic – game.js
Mise en Place – window.onload, init, setupCanvas, and preloadAssets
Welcoming the Player – assetsLoaded() and registerSpriteSheets()
Loading Each Level – loadLevel()
Starting the Level – startLevel(), createLevelGrid(), and displayLevelGrid()
Starting the Gameplay – playGame() and displayScore()
The Game Loop – playLoop() and endLevel()
Popping Up Moles – createRandomMole()
Wacking the Mole – hit(mole)
Ending the Game – gameOver()

At just $3.99, how can you go wrong? You can purchase on Amazon for your Kindle Device. For direct download purchase you can buy here.

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