Unordered lists are great when you have some data that you would like to display in a list type format, but in no particular order. Items in an unordered list are displayed in a vertical list with a bullet point before each list item.

A list is created by using the <UL> tag and then each list item is added by nesting <LI> tags inside of the <UL> tags. You can add as many list items as you would like by adding additional <LI> tags in between your opening and closing <UL> tags. Any text that you type between an opening and closing <LI> tag is what will actually appear as a list item on your unordered list. If I wanted to create an unordered list with three of my friend’s names, I would write:


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4 thoughts on “HTML5 Thursday: Unordered Lists

  1. You all do great work. I’m older, like to see clever things like coding, even though I won’t be writing code. I have watched hours of your presentations.

  2. Hey Mark, This is great, love the little code snippet video’s – like a little library of training. Perhaps you could hashtag them Markssnippets on your facebook page.

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