Hosting and Getting Your Web Site Online: The Web Dev Show Episode 7

The Web Dev Show Episode 7! The weekly program, hosted by LearnToProgram Media content developer Andrew Snyder-Spak, will provide a discussion of different important aspects of web development.

Even if your website looks amazing, it’s pretty useless if you are the only one who can access it. In this episode we will be going over the steps that are required to get your website out on the internet for the public to enjoy. Choosing a domain name, finding a hosting service, and getting your files uploaded isn’t exactly rocket science, but it can be quite confusing for beginners so we will be breaking it down into simple steps.

After you’ve spent hours carefully crafting your site and getting it looking and functioning just right, you certainly don’t want to rush through these final steps. We will talk about some of the important options that you will need to consider so that you will be able to make informed decisions and get what’s best for you and your website. By the end of this episode you will understand the process and terminology that is required to get your website online for the world to see.

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