NoSQL Databases

Introducing NoSQL Databases

April 1, 2016 Kevin Hernandez 1

Why NoSQL Databases? Relational databases (as opposed to NoSQL databases) have been around long before the world wide web, performing a central role in data processing. It was natural for […]

Building Your First iOS App

February 26, 2016 Kevin Hernandez 0

Building Your First iOS App Written By: Mark Lassoff and Andrew Snyder-Spak iOS application development can be challenging, but also quite lucrative for developers. The languages of iOS development, Objective […]

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Understanding REST

November 20, 2015 Kevin Hernandez 0

Overview REST is a buzzword that confuses many people. Even after my initial experiences using RESTful APIs, I still couldn’t adequately define or explain exactly what REST is. Unfortunately, the […]

Game Development

Pygame Basics

November 21, 2014 Kevin Hernandez 0

  What is Pygame? Pygame is a set of Python modules geared explicitly for game creation. It’s simple, easy to use, and available just about anywhere. Also, Pygame is completely […]