Object property values in Javascript generic object

Javascript Generic Object

April 7, 2015 Mark Lassoff 1

Many Javascript experts caution against using global variables in code. With multiple libraries being used, it’s way too easy to cause a collision between variables of the same name from […]

Javascript Arrays

April 1, 2015 Mark Lassoff 1

You are likely already familiar with the concept of variables. Variables are designed to hold a single piece of data. That data can be a String (text), an integer or […]

Result of Programming a Slide Show

Programming a Slide Show

April 23, 2014 Kevin Hernandez 1

One of the most frequent requests we get at LearnToProgram is to explain how to make a slideshow using HTML and Javascript. Programming a slideshow is fairly straightforward. In this […]

Javascript Game Tutorial

February 13, 2014 Mark Lassoff 1

Javascript, as a game development language, is becoming more and more popular. With the addition of the new(ish) HTML5 APIs, Javascript has become more powerful, and has the featureset necessary […]