Digital Personal Assistants

December 9, 2014 Kevin Hernandez 0

As computers become more and more powerful, and as the Cloud becomes an even larger bastion of information, intelligent personal assistants, also referred to as digital personal assistants or virtual […]

The Quantified Self Diagram

Wear the Future

December 5, 2014 Kevin Hernandez 0

Do you have a wearable fitness tracker or some other wearable device? If so: where is it? If you’re currently wearing it, congratulations! Give yourself a gold star! If you […]

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Cyber Monday Promo

December 1, 2014 Kevin Hernandez 0

Sorry, this promotion is over.   Subscribe to our mailing list for more discounts, news, and freebies.   Join The Development Club – 66% Off TODAY ONLY The Black Friday […]