Adding Javascript to Your HTML: The Web Dev Show Episode 6

Episode 6 is here! The weekly program, hosted by LearnToProgram Media content developer Andrew Snyder-Spak, will provide a discussion of different important aspects of web development.

In this episode we will be taking a look at how to add some JavaScript to your HTML webpage to give it some functionality. If you have some experience writing JavaScript code you will feel right at home, but there are still a few things to learn about where and when to use scripts in the context of a website. We will be taking a look at an example that shows how to create a variable, manipulate its value using a loop, and then display its final value to the user with a popup window. This is just a simple example designed to give you a taste of what adding scripts to your site can do.

Once you get a hang of it, the possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. Some creative scripting can turn a boring site into an exciting and useful place that your users are sure to bookmark and return to time and time again. JavaScript really can make your website “come alive”, so this episode is very exciting for any new Web Developer.

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