HTML, CSS and Javascript: The Web Dev Show Episode 2

The second episode of our Web Dev Show is here! The weekly program, hosted by LearnToProgram Media content developer Andrew Snyder-Spak, will provide a discussion of different important aspects of web development.

In this week’s episode we’ll discuss creating websites and the most important aspects of doing so. You’ve probably heard of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and you may even have experience working with one or all of these technologies, but do you understand how they can be used together when creating a website? In this episode we discuss the the roles that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript play in creating a complete and functional website. We will start off with a simple HTML webpage and then add some CSS so that we can see what it adds to the equation. Finally, we will add some JavaScript to see how it can be used to complete the package. By the end of this episode you should be able to understand what each of these technologies brings to the table, and how to use them to turn the ideas in your head into fully functioning web pages!

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